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Where do I buy a Pago chair?

You can visit our stockists page, alternatively - Australian customers can buy Pago chairs exclusively from Officeworks.

All our products, in Australia, are sold exclusively through Officeworks .

Unfortunately, they may have low stock levels at the moment due to the unprecedented demand. There is a fortune of stock coming in continually so please check online now and if it is showing no stock, please check every few days as the stock is flying out as soon as it comes in. It is also advisable to call your local Officeworks and see if they have stock if it is showing out of stock online.

Can you purchase arms for the chairs?

Yes, there are 5 Pago arm options available which will fit all our chairs sold without arms.

The backrest keeps dropping

The back works on a ratchet system. There are 7 ratchets (so you can set your back to 7 heights). Please push the back down towards the seat. Then lift slowly and you will hear the back clicking through the 7 ratchets (heights) . When you go past the 7th ratchet, the ratchet system disengages allowing you to push it down again to reset it. So as long as you don’t go past the 7th ratchet, the back will not slip down any longer. Please click on the link to watch a video explaining how the ratchet system works. -

The back tilt is not working

Please see our following video - How to repair a seat tilt?

How do I remove the gas lift?

Please see our following video - How to remove a gas lift

I cannot remove the gas lift

The gas lift is held in place with friction. If the gas is very tight and you are struggling to get it out, there are 3 options to remove the gas lift:

  1. Do not be afraid to use as much force as required. It is only friction that is keeping it in (ensure you use a hammer and not a mallet).
  2. Spray lubricant into the joint (like WD40)
  3. Use a plumbers wrench to twist the gas lift out

Chair height is sinking

Apologies for the inconvenience. We will send you a replacement gas lift if the chair is under warranty. We will also send you a video and instructions on how to replace the gas lift.

  1. If you haven’t already, please register your Warranty: Register here Warranty registration
  2. Please email the following:
    - The Officeworks receipt or a picture of the sticker under the seat and the name of the chair
    - Your address
    - Your mobile number for courier tracking purposes

How do I disassemble the chair?

How do we clean the chair?

Best way to clean is to vacuum with a strong vacuum cleaner.
Then in a bucket mix dish soap and hot water at high pressure. You want to create a lot of bubbles.
Using a dry sponge (test colour), use only the bubbles to clean the fabric.
Plastic parts – clean with damp cloth. You can use furniture spray to make it shine.

Care instructions for your chair

Soft fabrics: Regular vacuuming is recommended. Sport clean with upholstery shampoo or dry powdered cleaner only. Test on concealed area before proceeding. Brush velvets in direction of pile with soft brush. Do not saturate fabric.

Leather: Regularly brush or vacuum away dust and grit. Do not use detergent, solvents or spray pack cleaners. To clean, wipe with a warm damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe dry with a separate clean cloth. Allow time to dry away from direct heat. A colourless beeswax leather dressing may be applied after a number of years use.

Vinyl Surfaces: Regularly vacuum away dust and grit. Do not use detergents, solvents or abrasive cleaners. To clean, user a warm, damp cloth with mild soap, then wipe dry. Should this be ineffective, seek professional advice.

Castors: Hard Tyred Castors are not suitable for usage on hard floors or firm chairmats in which case soft-tyred castors should be used. Soft-tyred castors can be distinguished by the tyre being a different color to the body of the castors.

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Register your product in order to be able to use our warranty system at any time.